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Published December 2023


(This mini book will hopefully become the Newcomers guide to getting started with your own

Little Design community in yourown homes. It is simple and inspiring! The Holy Spirit guides the way.)

The Core members of our Little Design Community welcome NEWCOMERS into the existing Little Design Communities. Many persons have spoken with us informally about forming their own small faith community that could support and enhance their spiritual journey. We believe the "Little Design Community" may be an option they might want to consider. We are eager to share 'the little way' of being and living the Gospel that has been working well for us with our contemporary lifestyles for the past 25 years. We love its littleness, simplicity and freedom. There is such a peace and joy and movement of grace amongst us. So with gentleness and courage, we give the visioning call our full and resounding 'Yes.'  

How to begin... 

Yes, we have come to see that, if God so desires, these small clusters of 'Little Design' communities can emerge in small numbers anywhere around the world, at any time, and without any elaborate formation or structure.

The beginnings can be as simple as:

Discern  ~ Gather a few spiritual friends ~ Share your heart story ~ Break bread


1. Discern three, four, five or six persons (men and/or women) that you already feel some 'spiritual attraction' toward. 

2. Invite them to consider/discern coming to a Little Design gathering. Encourage them to read the information on our website about the history of this spiritual movement tracing all the way back to 1660 in France. Since the document of The Eucharistic Letter describes the core vision given us by Father Jean-Pierre Medaille, it would be helpful for everyone to pray with this Letter and listen for an inner resonance. 

3. Then, if so prompted, come yourself, or with your small group to your own home and/or join us at our website on the online Little Design Communities anytime. 

4. Every gathering in each other's homes will have time for silent communal prayer; some reflection on The Eucharistic Letter (a 100 page binder); sharing of hearts and enjoying some light refreshments. You can download the gatherings and complete binder at our Little Design Communties WEBSITE. See link below!

 We launched Online Communites of Little Design

during the summer of 2012.


In 2012, we launched a LITTLE DESIGN COMMUNITIES website that will provide a meeting place for all contemplative seekers to meet and share and grow in communion together. Some of us are becoming increasingly conscious that the internet can be an instrument to help us illuminate the kingdom of God already in our midst. We will provide resources for getting started with your own small group:

There will be testimonials from core members; weekly input with blog space for the sharing of hearts worldwide. We hope to keep it all easy to access and use.
Resources to purchase: WORDS FOR LIFE ... four-volume book series in ENGLISH and FRENCH. 
We are blessed to have found each other and know such a joy and support as we journey forward. We sense so many others want the same kind of small community experience too. We plan to keep it simple... and inviting... and filled with Spirit Love.
Perhaps in time  ... there will emerge more small faith communities that breathe new life into Church, into families, into our world. Our deep desire is that these Little Design Communities - connecting and interconnecting online - will help to facilitate an opening up to the Spirit within the Mystical Body of Christ ...and a new CIRCLING THE WORLD WITH LOVE will manifest over time.
  "God grant that it may be established
throughout the whole church."  
- Jean-Pierre Medaille, SJ
If you wish to join in the dialogue and exploration of these Little Design Communities please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by email or phone 613-228-6987.