Evelyn McGovern, CSJ


March 29,1934  - March 13,2022

 evelyn good


A TIME OF TRANSITION ...  2022 - 2023

"There is a season for everything, a time for every occupation under heaven:

a time for giving birth, a time for dying; 


It's been one year now since Sr. Evelyn's passing (March 13, 2022)  into eternal life. Our UPPER ROOM community lived through this time of transition and rebirth - grieving such a signifcant loss, and at the same time, facing serenely the challenges of moving forward with life and ministry as it unfolded. 

I am grateful for the supportive presence of our core Emmaus community who continued to contirubute actively in the day to day ministry wirh me. 

Following her discernment, we joyfully welcomed Sister Kathleen O'Keefe, CSJ, to join the Upper Room Community on January 10. 2023. I was so very happy to have you meet and greet her at our Zoom welcoming evening of blessing and sharing on January 23. Kathy and I share similar callings to this contemplative way of life and together we want to nurture it for ourselves and all those who seek a more contemplative path as well. 

Over the 39 years, the Upper Room Community has welcomed men and women from all walks of life to share our contemplative lifestyle and mission  - pray-ers, retreatants, all seekers in the spiritual journey.

In this non-monastic contemplative community there is no structured, monastic routine - only the freedom and creativity that silence and solitude open up within our beings.

Each person responds to his/her own rhythm of prayer, work, study and leisure. We live in our own homes.  




The Upper Room community fosters your "being and becoming the person God wills you to be in nature, in grace, in glory,for time and for eternity."  

Maxim of Love 10:6, Jean-Pierre M├ędaille, SJ (founder of CSJ)


The EMMAUS COMMUNITY of spiritual directors (12 active)

THE LITTLE DESIGN COMMUNITIES - Medaille companions (66 as of 2023)

and  FRIENDS AND PARTNERS in our ministry.