And now we are 66 Little Designers... 

As we commence our twenty-sixth year since launching these Little Design gatherings as small faith-share communities, we rejoice in the ways we have seen God bless and nurture our lives individually and as a community. As of March 2023, we are now 18 small core communities together comprising some 66 women. Each Little Design community has 3 to 6 women. This size of grouping seems to maximize the 'sharing of hearts' to be a deeply meaningful faith experience.      

Home Gatherings   - that I am aware of  - others may have formed  - 

 The spirit of LDC is always to happen in a "little, hidden and invsible manner"... 

Our 18 small communal gatherings take place every 4-6 weeks in the homes (or now on ZOOM) of some of the members. "Sharing of the Heart" is at the soul-essence of belonging to a Little Design community. We continue to ponder and deepen our insights into the mystical document of Father Jean-Pierre Medaille, The Eucharistic Letter. 

Your home hostess will contact you with the dates and times of your meetings:

1.   Betty's home  
2.   Diane/Beth/Carol/Louise's homes 
3.   Betty's home with Renfrew ladies 
4.   Rosemary/Marian/Diane's homes or Zoom
5.   Monique/Dianne on Zoom and homes
6.   Barbara/Karen's homes  
7.   Cathy's home with Dianne, Marie, Mary and Claire
8.   Sarah/Margarett/Christine Zoom
9.   Danielle's home 
10. Elaine's home
        11. Erin/Colleen/Gail homes
        12. Rosanne/Julie/Diane/Margaret/Brenda/Patricia (Zoom) 
        13. Sherry/Carol (Zoom) 
        14. Lillian's home 
        15. Rick/Erin/Susannah
        16. Agnes/Mary/Rosanne
        17. Monique/Theresa/Jaime on Zoom 
        18. Ellen/Debbie/Debbie homes                  
  Little Design Communities gathered in Communal Celebration
                            Newcomers and Core members celebrate Christmas