- Our 30th ANNIVERSARY gift to the city -

A "Future Full of Hope" BOOK series. 

For four years (2014-2018), some graduates of our Emmaus Programs met at The Upper Room to assist me with the re-presenting of our core foundational teachings in new small book format that will be helpful for small groups in parishes or home study groups. 

These interactive and 'working' Saturdays were a time to deepen and interiorize the spiritual truths that guide our practical choices in daily life. If Spirit continues to guide us, we will complete a library of these small books on different themes. We are happy to announce that over the last 4 years we have created and published EIGHT BOOKS in this Future Full of Hope series:
PURCHASE these books at The Upper Room Home of Prayer or on amazon.ca.
1.  Discernment: A Way of Life
2.  The Mystery of Divine Indwelling                                                                                                                                                                        
3.  Dying Well
4.  Understanding False Self and True Self
5.  The Spirituality of the Paschal Mystery
6. The 8-fold Path of A Spiritual Life
7. Contemplation and Dark Night of the Soul
8. Mary: A Contemplative Woman 


    Group photo of some of our spiritual directors on a Saturday Day of Enrichment

 best 1                                                                   
2012:  Our EMMAUS COMMUNITY photo
Back: Louise Owens, Wendy Marshall, Elaine Gibson, Roger Amyot, Bro. Henry Arruda, Guy Brethour  
Middle: Zony Wong, Debbie Camelin, Elizabeth Charbonneau, Fay Barber, Grace Amirault, Betty Ross
Front: Mike Doherty. Michele Melowsky, Beth Picard, Sharron Doherty, Coleen Hurley, Sr. Rosemary O'Toole