Today: Praying and Living These "Maxims of Perfection"

"Read and re-read often each maxim slowly and peacefully, with "profound attention, weighing even the little words which express special meaning."

Consider the meaning of each Maxim, penetrate its depths. Jean-Pierre's words have been carefully selected to shed new light on some Gospel truth?

Internalize each Maxim. What is its meaning for me personally? Reflect on how I am practicing its teaching? How do I desire to practice it in the future?

Externalize each Maxim. How am I being drawn to live more fully this maxim in my present life circumstance? To hold fast my desire to live these maxims in my daily life, I will look at the holy men and women who have lived them in the past and /or are living them now and I will challenge myself: "With God's grace, can I not do likewise?"

Contemplate each Maxim frequently. Spend some time in quiet, affective prayer, listening to the Spirit-within-you, who will enlighten your mind and heart, teach you a wisdom that transcends the senses and moves you to live in these truths in all your relationships.