Dear Readers and Pray-ers,

We have begun our 'pause in ministry' for the month of August. We hope that you too are enjoying some summer leisure and relaxation with your family and friends.

I had planned to resume the weekly LIVING WORD reflections on Sunday, September 4, 2011. However, my other ministry commitments and preparations to launch The Little Design Communities - at home and online - require my time, attention and creativity.  

Thank you for your participation in this LIVING WORD series over the past two years. Our website admin board shows that the average number of readers dropping by each week to read the reflection was between 100 -150 readers. Hopefully, others will return from time to time and be nourished here.

*I would like to acknowledge 'arlette' and 'mark' and 'eleanor' for their fidelity with offering us their weekly reflections. Always meaningful and inspiring. Hopefully more of you will LOGIN and share your thoughts on the Gospel with us from time to time.

Blessings, Sr. Rosemary

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