It is with great joy that we WELCOME you to our Little Design Communities website.
We hope that you will enjoy a leisurely browse through the pages
and if the Spirit prompts you to form your own small community,
we are here to be of help to you in any way that we can.
Blessings on the journey!

The original Eucharistic Letter was written by Fr. Medaille, SJ in 1660 in Le Puy, France. This is a contemporary presentation of The Eucharistic Letter inviting viewers to revisit it and begin living the Little Design way of life.



IN FRENCH ....  or ...   IN SPANISH 

  Gathering Prayer of the Little Design Communities

 Holy One, evidence of your self-communication in love
is all around, everywhere.
In the inner depths of my own heart,
in the world, in all creatures around me,
you live and move and have your being.
I am not separate from you,
and because of your wondrous love
I am not separate from all creation.
Help me to live with eyes wide open to your self-communication.
Help me to be open to your lavish grace,
to receive it without fear and
with the conviction that you want nothing more
than for me to receive it.
In turn, may I be gracious to others,
an instrument of your lavish grace to all I meet. Amen.

 -from Judy Cannato, Field of Compassion