house and heartEnjoy MONTHLY gatherings in each other's homes. Plan to set aside 2-3 hours for your gathering and sharing of hearts. We recommend you create your own calendar with the dates and times and location of your meetings for the coming year. The home host/hostess provides some simple refreshments or the community takes turns providing the snacks.  


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Gathering  #1

(Vision and History)







Gathering #2

(paragraphs 1-5)







Gathering #3

(paragraphs 6-10)







Gathering #4

(paragraphs 11-18)







Gathering #5

(paragraphs 19-25)







Gathering #6

(paragraphs 26-33)







Gathering #7

(paragraphs 34- 35)







Gathering #8

(paragraphs 36-42)





Communal gatherings of Little Design Communities in your area:

Communal Gatherings




Christmas Party





Pentecost Vigil