Now, this is what the dear Jesus very obviously brings about in the Eucharist, and by means of the Eucharist, as he communicates himself to the people.

"This apostolic goal of the Institute, this principle of orientation which should set the course for all the activities of the Little Design, namely, to lead the greatest possible number of persons in the world to “service in spirit and truth” - the Founder did not discover this elsewhere than in the contemplation of the model, Jesus hidden in the host.”    
    - Nepper and the intercongregational research team

There seems to be within these concluding paragraphs such a burning zeal bursting forth. Father Médaille is emboldened to proclaim a call to action. It is a call to empower the spiritual giftedness that is rising up in our families, parishes and neighbourhoods. Awaken those leaders and prophets, teachers and musicians, poets and dreamers, lovers and youth, elders and pastors… come to the Feast of Love… come with us into the world …for the harvest is waiting and the labourers are few. Gather up the greatest number of persons in the world to “serve in spirit and in truth.”


What an apostolate for our time. Here is the blueprint in the Eucharistic Letter for a spiritual apostolate that offers the world a simple, little, hidden and self-emptied way of life that will empower them as individuals and as small communities. As we watch them begin to manifest here and there around the world, we will observe how they will keep mutating and multiplying and expanding across and within the global community of the world.


This is the greatest adventure of Love - all peoples, all races, all cultures, all nations - uniting under the banner of Love. All of us, dear children of God.


How do you experience the call to ‘the more’?



#2 arletteh 2013-06-07 13:37
It is a call to empower the spirited giftedness that is rising up all around us. Let us not fear it! Help us to be open to Your lavish grace!
#1 virginia 2013-06-03 17:18
As I really try to live out Medialle's vision, each day has its call to the "more." It is more than concern for the temporary and of the body in my neighbor's life but most importantly what is lasting and pertaining to the salvation of souls. Yes, it is that all would come to "service in spirit and truth." This is the only way we will be united in the Eternal banner of Love!

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