You will take care to note that I have called this double union total. By this word I mean to express all the perfection which can be found in the reality and practice of love of God and love of the dear neighbour. 


Medaille here is explaining the ‘total’ double union as the whole process of being willing and ready to take the next step in loving. One is able to move only when the human spirit and the Holy Spirit are at one. This unity calls for a great humility and an openness to allow the ego-self to be diminished. Once one comes to understand one’s right place in the order of things, one can more easily detach from one’s own plans and see the wisdom and timing of the bigger plans of God.  With God, nothing is impossible.


The ‘reality and practice of love of God and love of the dear neighbour’ seem to be inexhaustible mysteries. There will always be that movement towards the more… daily, a little more. What will this journey into the fullness and perfection of Love look like in our day?


TODAY … the world is surely waiting for more men and women of this great desire to respond to the call to re-engage with the world in this new kind of mystical relationship. There is in this higher/larger consciousness, a ‘power of love’ that challenges the ‘will to power’ upon which so much of society is structured. Yes, for being in the world in this new mode, these persons must be prepared to suffer persecution, ridicule and misunderstanding… even from their own kin.


But they are no strangers to pain – from within or without. No matter what disagreeable things happen to them, they have grown to accept and love all courageously. They have come to trust how LOVE turns all to sweetness. Whatever the cost, they joyfully move forward singing their canticle of love. Great Lover’s prophetic message fills them with contentment: Endure sufferings faithfully and you will see this sacred fire of love grow in your heart. No longer fearful, no longer oppressive, they dance in the fire!

Imagine what SMALL communities of great lovers can do as they
 circle the world with Divine Love loving through them?


#5 stmarys 2013-04-15 14:51
It's Easter! I'm in the joy of the Resurrection! As I read through the paragraphs following the EL excerpt, the line "...detach from one's own plans and see the wisdom and timing of the bigger plans of God..." spoke loud and clear. This can only be done when we are open to and filled with God's love. It overflows to all those we meet. Our plans are truly secondary. In his Easter message Pope Francis stated: "Let us be loved by Jesus, let us enable the power of His love transform our lives, too..." What a great invitation to the whole world, to the Little Designers.
#4 virginia 2013-02-15 00:44
Our union becomes total when we love our neighbor who may even be our enemy or one who we struggle to love or someone who obstructs our path. We have desires to love our Lord Jesus and to respond to His great love for us. There is only the neighbor to accomplish this desire. So it is imperative this season of Lent to learn to listen, to be quiet and to ask for this great grace Fr. Medialle calls the "Double Union". Truly God has given us the will to desire it. Furthermore,thr ough His passion and cross, Jesus longs to bring about this union which will enfold us- neighbor and me--in His arms of mercy. It makes us perfect in resembling Our heavenly Father so merciful to us!
Little Designers, circle the world and make it a bit of heaven!
#3 arletteh 2013-02-10 20:07
With Lent ahead, my wish is for deeper, higher, wider expansion into the "ineffable mysteries" through a more loving, positive,speech ; a quiet ,silent ,deep listening.How such listening lifts the heart and creates trustful ,loving community!Such is the substance and spirit of Little Design community.
#2 daviddhunoo 2013-02-10 02:46
Amazing ,this week I read about a Rabbi Talked about LOVE,he used the the saying to love the Holy Beggars as Holy Brothers or Holy Sisters, I can see if we look at each person we see in front of us ,we should see Jesus Christ in them ,to love them or to let them see us as Caring the Presence of The Loving Trinity ,I believe this was the work of The Little Design : TO LOVE OUR NEIGHBOR :
#1 rosemaryo 2013-02-09 17:50
I read this today in Richard Rohr's daily email Meditations and thought it was meaningful for this week's reflection:

"Is there at least one place in your life where you are giving and receiving love? If it happens in one place, it can happen everywhere. If you are truly capable of loving one person, you’re capable of loving more than one, and eventually even your enemy, and finally all. Love is one piece. Thus, we rightly speak of being “in love” and Paul speaks of being “in Christ.” Love is all or nothing. You either express love or you don’t. The Scholastic philosopher, Josef Pieper, said it very well, “the proper habitat for truth is human relationship.” How we relate to anyone is how we relate to everything else, too."

Yes, this is 'total' double union!

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