May the divine Goodness deign to bring us to understand the nobility of this end, and help us to be fit instruments in making it succeed. 

To achieve this noble end  - total double union - is humanly impossible. Medaille prays that God’s Divine Goodness will reveal to us the wisdom to understand it.  Over time, the grace and energy and capacity to accomplish this ‘total double union’ will come from God and will flow through us ‘instruments’. Once again, we find Jean-Pierre’s endearing addressing of God as ‘Divine Goodness’ as the generative power and nurturance that flows from Goodness to goodness and brings forth well-being throughout all creation.


Becoming a “fit instrument” would seem to happen as the fruitfulness that comes with years of faithful practice of these familiar maxims:

Strive to be empty of all, detached from earthly affections (2:2)

Be receptive to grace in the moment. (6:9)

Maintain peace of heart by living in the present moment and avoid haste. (7:1, 5)


Like the cello and violin and potter’s clay, we are disposed to be the Master Musician’s or Master Potter’s finest work of art. Throughout all creation, there is that ‘groaning for completion’ as God, who is all Love, active and inclusive Love, draws us into a unity in diversity that is the fulfillment of our destiny. ‘May we all be one.”


Father Medaille uses the phrase ‘the nobility of this end.’ Was he hereby pointing us to our birthright, our rank and privilege as human beings in the family of God? We were born for this work, for this excellent dignity, for this magnanimous privilege of being sons and daughters of God. As heirs of this Kingdom of Love, we share in the life and love that is in continual ‘divine round dance’ in the Triune God. Father Medaille wants to awaken in us the sublime vocation of our being human and being fully alive. Humanity and divinity are made for this divine communing and there is a mutual partnership in the dancing.


Rise up, dear daughters and sons and claim your life work:

Be and become the person God wants you to be,
in nature, in grace and in glory, for time and for eternity.” M.P. 10:6


 Are you enjoying the divine round dance yet?



#5 stmarys 2013-03-08 20:14
I'm a terrible dancer!! I always want to lead. There are two exceptions: when God is my partner and I try to lead, God gently but firmly guides me with the correct steps and in sync with the rhythm of the music of my life; when I am with a group doing the "chicken dance," YMCA, or the bunny hop - what fun, what support - we're all in it together. I make a mistake, you make a mistake, we make a mistake - the group continues the dance and I try again, you try again, we try again. What a great image of the total double union. I think, from now on, I shall smile when I observe or participate in THE dance.
#4 daviddhunoo 2013-02-03 17:51
Praise the Lord for those still dancing in and for Him, 2 Sam 6 :14 David was dancing before the Lord with all his might... Shouting with all kinds of instruments .Let us rejoice always ,to carry inside our humanity the Divine Presence, Goodness , Mercy and Love that never fail .Empty ourselves let the Lord fill us with His Life .Let your Kingdom come and let your will be done among us just as it is in Heaven,let it be on earth also for Thy is the Power and the Glory .Amen
#3 virginia 2013-02-03 16:48
I believe I am! Both in the flesh and in the spirit, I love to dance. I danced in the creative piece we were asked to bring to our origins in France,200th SSJ Anniversary, 2008. But in this divine round dance, I need to know that another "little designer" is holding my hand---one who understands and shares the same dance spoken about in your commentary, Rosemary. I look forward to these paragraphs of Fr. Medialle brought to new life and meaning. Like you it has been "years of faithful practice in the familiar maxims." I am so grateful for how Divine Goodness has kept me these years growing!--- Now being more and more filled with Love and desirous of Love.
I feel like a "fit instrument " when I let Him work in my ministry at the hospital on Fridays bearing the Eucharistic Lord to waiting, needy hearts. It does cost by joining in the dance but this is what I live for and who I am now, more than ever!
#2 arletteh 2013-02-03 11:39
Heard a piece of music; the periphery was strident, a turmoil going on. From within and the center,there began a beautiful melody, rising, expanding, eventually taking over the whole piece.Thus it is when the Little Designers follow the lead of the dance.Thus it is when we Little Designers are self emptied, little:so easy to hear the beat, the melody and so easy to follow the Divine Dancer. Then how amazing the Dance of One!How amazing the dance of the whole community:freei ng, effortless!
#1 rosemaryo 2013-02-03 01:52
Humanity and divinity are made for this divine communing and there is a mutual partnership in the dancing. As time goes on, I begin to sense the daily beat and rhythm of the inner music. I love the 'Beams of Love' logo and how the community of Little Designers are all in gentle dance movement... The essential littleness and self-empting make for a very freeing and effortless dance!

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