And would we not be happy if the same were true of us! If only we had eyes, ears and hearts only for this dear Saviour, and if the entire use of our senses tended toward the holiness and purification of hearts, in accordance with the various circumstances of your sex! This is, with God’s help, what the chastity of our very little Institute will bring about.


We are men and women who have fallen in love with God and have awakened to the ‘sacredness’ of our bodies as temples of the indwelling God. Our full sensory body, then, is God-given and requires us to be responsible and accountable to use it for God’s glory and the right ordering of all our relationships.


We understand that Father Medaille is hereby calling us to be fully alive as men and women in our total humanity – psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.  He invites us to keep growing into an enjoyment of the inclusivity and equality with women and men who cherish the uniqueness of each other’s vocation within the human family. There is a divine ordering that is holy!


The chastity of the Little Design will be an embodied spirituality that invites all the members to live consciously as ‘temples of the living God’ and allow this Godly love to flow through all their senses in healthy and wholesome lifestyles. Chastity is a ‘celebration’ of the senses not a negation. This is revolutionary for 17th century spirituality and even today is rarely proclaimed! We are called to be happy and healthy, not mortified and repressed in the experience of living in our bodies! Imagine the possibility of all these ‘living temples’ awakening to consciousness and rising up into their full splendor – ‘being and becoming the persons God wills them to be,  in nature, in grace, in glory, for time and for eternity. M.P. 10:6


We will take time daily to pause in mindfulness as we go about our ordinary routines of living ~ eating, sleeping, conversing, walking and drinking tea. We will pay attention to our need for counseling in the areas of emotional pain and body healing as well as nutrition and fitness. Our bodies and the earth-body are wounded. We will do our part to care for our own ‘creation’ and contribute in some small way to the wellness of the whole planet.


What is my ‘self- care’ plan?



#5 stmarys 2013-01-22 18:50
"...eyes, ears, hearts for the dear Savious alone." That is where true happiness lies. It is so easy to get distracted! My plan - to pause daily (doesn't have to be 15-30-60 minutes), count my blessings in the ordinary events/people/t hings in my life, and thank God for the many gifts - of the day and personally - I've been given. I'm not one for New Year's resolutions - I like the idea of the self-care plan.
#4 arletteh 2012-12-17 10:49
"A voice was heard in Ramah,wailing and loud lamentation,Rac hel weeping for her children ;because they are no more." Our hearts are torn apart with the tragedy of the Innocents.We ,too, weep and wail.
#3 arletteh 2012-12-16 23:30
My self-care plan:to use the remainder of the season of Advent for contemplation;t o have the courage to encounter my own darkness,with the help of the Holy Spirit and to look for the light that has been given and will be given.To do my journaling to help me in this.
#2 virginia 2012-12-16 20:59
When we have that pure and whole-hearted love of Jesus within, we really are able to love chastely all others with an affectionate love. It is genuine and bears fruit.
On this Gaudete Sunday, it seems that those 20 Kindergarteners massacered are our little Holy Innocents speaking of the heavenly realities to rejoice in as we prepare for Jesus' coming again. As of long ago, the news startles us and causes us to really stop, to ponder how we all are in desperate need of a Savior. We look within and look up to what is most precious on this earth --- relationships and our faith. We pray for those who are brokenhearted and hopefully we will adjust our Christmas accordingly!
#1 rosemaryo 2012-12-16 03:55
I am still aglow from the lovely afternoon of Advent-Christma s Celebration shared with so many of our Little Designers from the Ottawa area. Many of us have been journeying together for some 15 years now so we are becoming quite the soul-friends!

My 'self care' plan seems to work best as I consciously attend to being mindful of living as fully as I can in every present moment. I see many 'miracles of grace' happening around me... and TODAY was rich in blessing and friendship.

Be sure to check out some new information I posted this morning on the CHAT FORUM regarding the MEET ME IN LE PUY in June 2013.

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