As for the chastity and purity in this mystery, it is seen in the fact that this dear Saviour, virgin and beloved spouse of virgins, has eyes, tongue and heart only for his dear spouses. In a word, his use of the senses is for the sole purpose of purifying hearts and making them holy.

Medaille ushers us into “the chastity as lived by the members of a Little Design community” with the very mystical experience of Jesus as virgin and spouse in the Eucharist. There is something for the senses to relate to in the bread and the wine elements, yet there is something deeper that the eyes of faith behold – the whole Triune God! As we enter more deeply into our contemplative awareness of God’s deep loving preference for us, we, likewise, will respond as Little Designers, using our entire sensory humanity with a preference for God in the challenges of each day’s unfolding.


We are men and women who strive to abide in our contemplative stance with ‘eyes, ears and hearts focused on Divine Love.’ We desire to stay awake and aware in all the challenges of each day’s unfolding. We will need to remain faithful to prayer and interior reflection so that our powerful generativity can be channeled into a creativity that serves the good of others. Creativity is a sign of God’s presence. When we are alive in the Spirit, God lives in us and we too create.


Little Designers live our baptismal consecration. Some may be single by choice, others will be married, some widowed, all however, will be great lovers of God.  The bond of Love will keep inspiring us to be ever in God, for God and of God. We recognize how fragile and insecure this new Little Design community is on its own merits but if we trust God and allow God to be its fullness, then, it will be great and it will be fruitful. We allow ourselves, as far as possible, to be empowered by God to live fruitfully the chastity of the Little Design.


When we gather from time to time with other companions who share the same life-dream, we offer support, strength, and encouragement to be faithful over time, in this ‘right ordering’ of our relationships with God, with self, with all others, with creation.  We delight in being a community of soul-friends!


How do you experience your ‘creative energy’ being channeled these days?


#4 stmarys 2013-01-14 15:33
Last week I spent most of my time trying to develop a prayer session for a group with whom I meet. There has been a progression of topics over the past few months. I knew the topic, the direction and the search began - books, internet... frustration. When I finally relaxed, took time to ask God where these people should focus and then using scripture as my base, everything fell into place. Being an "S" and "F" on the Myers-Briggs, I must open my senses to my God and Inspiration, know and feel God's love, and then listen and follow. Thank you for reminding me of this as I continue to journey with you and the Eucharistic Letter reflections.
#3 virginia 2012-12-10 00:46
For me, my energy has been channeled in creative ways as I try to express God's infinite love personally by making a token for my co-workers to give at Christmas, planning the liturgy for Gaudete Sunday and then writing messages in my Christmas cards. Mindful of Jesus as my Spouse, I am finding His Love in the doing of these little tasks. I know that they are going to find a way into another's heart and be accepted with tenderness. When I go to my ministry tomorrow morn, I know that new ways to celebrate His
Coming will arise from the happenings and situations of the day itself, thru the faithfulness of the Beloved One Whom we are leaning on!
#2 arletteh 2012-12-09 14:53
My husband and I often listen to music on Sunday morning.This morning it was the Song of the Volga and Tosselli's Serenade. I felt so whole in identifying with the emotions and spirit of these pieces:the depth of longing, the refined tenderness.My senses were such a positive part of my being!I came across an expression that is such a gift:"the wisdom of tenderness accepted".Our wills can get us into trouble by overachieving. Accepting tenderness, both our own and that given, restores us.
#1 rosemaryo 2012-12-09 02:46
I have been blessed with a wonderful'energ y' that seems to supply enough strength and joy and wisdom for whatever is needed for the day. It holds me in awe at times... as I just stay aware and awake!I know it comes from beyond my-self and my physically aging body. Like Mary, my soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my saviour.

I am growing in my understanding of how this chastity and purity are totally exhilarating energies that almost illumine our physical bodies as we increasingly allow the Divine Light and Love to radiate through us.

Far from the 'old days and the old language' of mortification of the senses comes this loving and totally liberating embrace of our bodies as holy, as temples of the indwelling God. Thank you,Pere Medaille for your wise counsel to 'use the senses' for the glory of God! This Little Design way of life calls forth a fully embodied spirituality.

This weekend, Evelyn and I have been setting up the Christmas tree and creche ... and a young woman is here on retreat, sharing the prayer space with us. My creative energies are focused now on pondering and typing the Christmas Prayer for our Little Design Celebration next Saturday. Still 'birthing' ... but it will be wonderful to gather with our soul-friends from around the Ottawa area. Blessings all in our preparations ... let our senses be delighted!

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