In the same way, my dear daughter, in our poverty we will be so perfectly stripped of everything, that with the use of nothing more than what will belong to us – which will no longer be ours since we will have consecrated it to God and to the little Association of the Little Design – we shall always be perfectly content, whether we have much, or have little, or have nothing at all. Thus, in reality, our little new design requires a complete detachment/stripping from all things.

Little Designers will live from the contemplative consciousness that we are radically dependent upon God, the Source of life, for our whole being-ness. This interiority and consciousness shape our attitudes and choices in daily life. Contentment “with much, with little, with nothing at all” and gratitude for everything is the stance we attempt to maintain in living every moment. This is the pure freedom of the poverty of the little design.


‘We own nothing, not even our own lives, which always, at every moment come to us as Gift.’ (Elaine Prevallet, SL, A Wisdom for Life) For sure, this is radical dependence upon God and radical freedom for the soul. This poverty opens our hands and hearts to live in an attitude of gratitude and generosity. Over time, our consciousness will introduce us to the ‘law of reciprocity’ that is at the core of the whole mystery of the universe charged with God’s lavish grace of self-communicating LOVE. We have only to receive it as Gift. Let this Great Love be done within us.


Yes, this living flame of Pure Love will purge us of our selfishness and egocentricity, but at the same time, we will come to know a wonderful release into a deeper joy and freedom and contentment.


‘Love is the law of God’s life in Trinity. That law expresses itself in nature in the fact that everything that is, is in continual exchange.’ It is like a great round dance. Will you join us in the circle of Great Love!


Can you say that you are ‘equally content’ with much or with little? 


The Banquet, Ansgar Holmberg,csj


#7 stmarys 2013-01-07 16:05
The words: "perfectly content," "equally content," and Prevallet's sentence, "We own nothing, not even our own lives..." really echo my thoughts lately. Two very good friends have been critically ill: one since November, having had surgery with less than a 50-50 chance of survival - she has been slowly recovering for two months now; the second, a routine double by-pass in early December...he now lies in some state of semi-consciousn ess..."we do not know the day or the hour." The above circumstances forced me this Christmas season to focus on Emmanuel - exclusively. God-with-us has been my mantra these days. Material gifts pale when living with life and death situations. These two instances have been gift for me - reminding me, "We own nothing, not even our own lives."
#6 slees 2012-12-06 19:31
The words that stood out for me this week were; "and gratitude for everything is the stance we attempt to maintain in living every moment... this...opens our hands and hearts to live in an attitude of gratitude and generosity." Moment by moment; day by day; and, year by year, I have come to see that I have always had so much more than I ever needed, and that fact is always an invitation!

When I look back on the hours and days of my life, I am always struck with awe at how God has gifted me; with such sensitivity and care for the person that is, at times, hidden deep inside. This is such an example of how we are called to gift and be gifts for others, and our world.
#5 debbiec 2012-12-03 18:26
Today, I received an email from my dear friend, Father Augustine, who born/lives in Zimbabwe. He mentions that his parents (dad is 90; mom is 86) still walk 3.5km to church each week. I've been to their home, which is without running water and electricity. So, am I "equally content" with much or little? Well, I know for sure that I would have a very difficult time giving up my creature comforts and living in an environment like Augustin's parents. On the other hand, as I walk through stores at this Christmas season, I notice that I no longer long for things. I continually think that buying more just means purging more 6 months down the line. Perhaps this is progress!?
#4 jar4 2012-12-03 00:01
The word "equally" in the closing question is the challenge for me.

I intend to carry that question closely this week and attempt to be aware of my thoughts in this regard.

It may be a long week!
#3 virginia 2012-12-02 16:27
Even if I think I am progressing, even this is grace that is a gift and I am always on Square One,united to the Gift and the Giver, so all is well. What humility has our God! To give Himself to each one of us requires complete detachment. And yet detachment does not mean that Christ is not intimate and particular with each one of us. In our own detachment, we can be that loving exchange with each other, in what we can experience as the "Love Dance" around the world as Little Designers... unaware or fully conscious of our infinite worth and purpose in the Divine Scheme of things!
#2 arletteh 2012-12-02 10:43
I am LEARNING to be equally content with very little or what seems nothing at all.Life in God and for God completely strips me of everything. Jesus experienced this,also, to the very end:in Gethsemani and at the cross.Oh,yes,I must not forget... the "exchange".What a paradox life is! At any moment, all can be taken away. At any moment,all is given. That comes from that utter, soul-crying dependence on the One Who Is All and Gives All in awesome generosity. Can I continue to live and not become total generosity?"The re's the rub!"
#1 rosemaryo 2012-12-02 00:42
We have this painting of The Banquet by Ansgar Holberg, csj in our kitchen dining area and I am going to offer this 'art image' for my sharing this week. It speaks at so many levels, doesn't it? There is a continual exchange of goods happening around me at all times and a 'Love dance' is circling the world. I want to be more mindful this first week of Advent of "all" the goodness and friendship and exchange of goods that comes unto me from different sources: different persons,differe nt foods, different ideas,different rituals etc.
Happy Advent days ... "Rejoice, you are loved by God.The Lord is with you."
Thank you - fellow online companions. Your sharings and your stories are celebrated as 'gifts' in our mutual exchange... and we are enjoying a taste of 'the more!"

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