Likewise, let us see Jesus in the Holy Eucharist completely stripped of everything. We give him adornments and we take them away at will. He accepts them or lets them go without any resistance. He is himself his own father as he is ours, and the priest at the consecration is only the instrument of his power.

The Eucharist is pure, whole, and entire Triune God - whether the externals or the adornments are present or not. They do not change the ‘essence’. So likewise, the Little Designers must not think about what they need to have externally in order to be Little Design communities. The essence is simply a union of all persons living in the Heart of God. Is this a caution for us in these times? We must not be concerned about ‘the adornments’ and what is non-essential as we move into living this profound vision on into the Third Millennium.


This ‘being stripped of everything’ that is not one’s true self… is a holy work. It is the Divine Therapy (Thomas Keating’s words for the transformative process) that heals and restores us to our diamond centre (Thomas Merton’s words for the true self). Yes, by the mystical power of God working within us – and our cooperation and receptivity -  we will be and become the persons God created us to be: fully human, fully alive, to the glory of God! A pivotal maxim: ‘Have only one desire throughout your life: to be and to become the person God wills you to be in nature, in grace, and in glory, for time and for eternity.’ M.P. 10:6


We, as Little Designers, must hold fast to the essential essence at the heart of our way of life. In all its pristine essence lies a God of Infinite Love who draws us to the Eucharistic table feast to be nourished - take and eat and share! This Life makes us penetrate more deeply still into what Eucharist truly signifies: the unity of all in the Son who unites us all to the Father in the same unity which he and the Father share. We begin to experience ‘this communion’ which unites all and leaves nothing outside of it… and leads to the living of THIS love, even in the everyday details of our lives. The ‘adornments’ are not the essentials. These may come and go. God-with-us remains! The giving or taking away of ‘adornments’ is only an affective sign of the detachment of Jesus. Can you look up and see only ‘Jesus’?


Can I ‘see the essence’ and not stress so much the adornments in my life?



#6 stmarys 2012-12-03 19:36
Today, as I write this, is Monday of the first week of Advent. What a perfect time to reflect on this session. All of the hype, all of the seasonal promotions are everywhere. For us, as Christians, it is a reminder of the source of life - "Be still and know that I am God." It is in the Eucharist that this statement comes alive...and challenges me to share this knowledge, this experience with those God puts into my life.
#5 slees 2012-11-04 15:22
I really appreciated the question posed at the end of this past week's discussion of the Eucharistic Letter: "Can I see the essence and not stress so much the adornments in my life?" My heart was heavy this week as I watched the coverage of the storm and aftermath on the East coast. It becomes easy for us, as observers, to remember the "one true thing". Several years ago, a novel, followed by a movie, by Anna Quindlen was published with just this title, "One True Thing." As we consider all that is around us, I find myself asking 'what is my one true thing?' Two Maxims of Medaille provide much help in this: "Have only one desire throughout your life: to be, and to become, what God wants you to be in nature, in grace, and in glory, for time and eternity." "Have God alone before your eyes, God's good pleasure, God's glory, and make no account of anything else." Finally, I return to the words of Jesus to Martha in Luke 10:38-42: "Martha, you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed." So back to the question in our Eucharistic Letter reflection: "Can I see the essence..." For me, I am questioning, "Can I respond to the one true thing in my life when surrounded by the swirling storms of nature and polarization?
#4 arletteh 2012-10-29 11:31
That I might more continually focus on the essence:that Life,that Light, that Joy! That we may lead each other more to that Essence at our gatherings;in life; in celebration!How wonderful the growing gathering online!
#3 arlenek 2012-10-29 02:03
Getting to the essence of Eucharist is truly a mystical experience of union, communion and compassion.
Being and becoming the person God created us to be is truly a 'work of art,' which I believe is the essence of the Little Design.
I see Eucharist as nourishment, sustenance, food for the journey that the Little Design Communities need to incarnate this divine presence in our world today and invite others to do so also.
#2 virginia 2012-10-28 16:45
Jesus came into this earth in a manger as a Babe. revealing to us by this and by His earthly Lifestyle that only the essence matters. Even though He possesses the faculty of a perfect and holy will, He never uses it except after looking to see what His Father is doing. He dismisses the adornments as being non-essential and goes the way of the Spirit, totally detached. This is why He can welcome each one of us, no matter what, as we approach Him in the Eucharist. He continues for all time to be at our beck and call and never reproaches us, never disappoints us. What an example for me, Us! ... to come out from under all of our emcombrances and adornments that only make it more difficult to run into the arms of our Essence, Jesus Christ, our Love and Life!
#1 rosemaryo 2012-10-27 22:44
A BIG thank you to ALL of you who shared your personal comments this past week at the Eucharistic Letter Revisited. I see it as a concrete way in which we can build these Little Design communities - by being little, hidden and invisible - yet united here ONLINE in the unity of the Great Lover God.

Not needing 'adornments' any more, we cherish the freedom, and lightness of being that comes from living more and more from our true 'diamond selves.' Blessed are those moving toward the essential One thing necessary!!

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