It seems to me, my dear daughter, that I already envision our association – which in reality is nothing – established in a great number of places, and so very well hidden in its establishment, that only the persons who will compose it, and their superiors, will know about it. God grant that it may be established throughout the whole Church.


Father Medaille lived in the 17th Century, often called a Missionary Century. Did he have a prophetic vision of these Little Designers being ‘mystic-missionaries’ scattered throughout the whole world? Today, the men and women who will be attracted to these Little Design communities will have sensed that they have been moving into a more contemplative way of being, possibly for some time now, and so this style of ‘community’ resonates with their souls. Little Designers, living in the paradox of being “nothing” yet “established throughout the whole church” will mean we must all be rooted in the same mystery of Jesus’ self-emptying and exaltation. (Phil 2) This movement begins with God and we must be free enough to let God act in us and through us. The beams of Love are continuously radiating upon us. We receive it freely as a “lavish grace”. 

 “Anyone who knows how to let God act in and through him/her
 without too much interference
on his/her part, does many things in a short time
and never loses peace of heart.” 
(Medaille, Maxim of Love 7:5)

While Medaille wrote these words down on simple paper, preserved in our archives, nearly four centuries ago… our sense is that … a new form of community was already germinating in this seed-text of The Eucharistic Letter. Dare we say... TODAY …it is breaking ground and sprouting some new shoots? Here in this purely mystical document, full of timeless spiritual vitality, is a ‘gift’ in our time of crisis within religious life, church, families, indeed, the world. Hopefully, we will discover it anew and allow the Spirit of God to create new truly Eucharistic communities all over the planet. These little communities manifesting will need no fanfare. They will simply and quietly emerge and be leaven in their own neighbourhoods, showing up here and there… wherever the Spirit blows… always creating triangles of loving relationships.


Does this ‘way of being’ attract you? 



#7 virginia 2012-10-25 18:06
The Little Design was significant for Medialle's time and now it is crucial for ours as we live in a world that is rushing headlong into disaster. Our Eucharistic God, in all this turmoil, speaks peace of heart to His people and a way to live peacefully in our times and be a great blessing. In the 17th century, it was a contemplative call to act on the outside "hidden' and "mystic" and today, it seems to be a call from the spirit to cease some irrelevant activity to attend to the " hidden " and "mystic" work of prayer and contemplation. It is a way of "being" that will recreate our true selves. It not only attracts me but will attract all Lovers to the Source Who will be with Us always 'til the end of time!
#6 mariem 2012-10-21 19:48
Definitely, this is a way of life for me and I feel called and blessed to have found this community. It is difficult to explain it to others when asked and sometimes my friends never ask. I know they must question it amongst themselves from time to time.
#5 arlenek 2012-09-17 19:19
I ask if persons living a contemplative way of being and doing may also be connected with the Little Design even though they are not aware of its existence? What does it mean to live contemplatively alone or with others? in designated communities or in an apartment complex? How does place or contacts fit into the Little Design?
Asi Sea!
#4 arletteh 2012-09-17 14:23
The Spirit has " compelled" me to share this spirituality ,through the Sharing of the Heart, with other seekers of a deeper presence to oneself and to God.It is a most joyful,freeing experience!
#3 arletteh 2012-09-17 14:17
The "hiddenness" attracts me.Through this basic, simple, true, "narrow" yet ever expanding way,I can be in a lfe-giving relationship with the Divine Goodness.
#2 rmlssj 2012-09-17 09:31
Yes, I am attracted to invite others to share in this experience as I sense them having the charism and yet have not given it a name.
#1 rosemaryo 2012-09-16 22:18
What is marvelous to me is ‘the attracting and holding’ energy of these Little Design communities wherever they manifest. It seems to me that this is most surely ‘the lavish grace’ of God’s inflowing love that unites and moves and grows in and through all the relationships. Once again, such a holy paradox! Little communities, hidden, invisible and yet manifesting here and there throughout the whole church! This is Spirit-at-play, creating ‘community’ in such a gentle manner within the holy People of God without fanfare or structure. This contemplative way of being not only attracts and inspires me; it moves me always in forward direction ‘towards the more.’

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