Future Full of Hope - 8 published books

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The Upper Room Home of Prayer spiritual directors created a series of small books on core spiritual teachings. You can purchase these at The Upper Room for $5.00 (pick-up) or at amazon.ca as paperback or kindle edition.

SEE  Book Study series being offered by our spiritual directors in Advent and Lent. 

1. The Little Plan

     This is a 30th anniversary project of The Upper Room Home of Prayer (1984-2014). On Pentecost Sunday, June 2014, some 150 guests gathered at St. John the Apostle Parish Hall, Ottawa, to celebrate the life and ministry of The Upper Room. With the monetary gifts received that day, Sr. Evelyn and Sr. Rosemary decided to establish a Future Full of Hope Fund to be used exclusively for this library book project. As the books sell, all the proceeds go back into the Future Full of Hope Fund, in readiness to pay for the next book being published. It has been a joyous expression of love...  the 'lavish grace' received and the 'lavish grace' given away! This is our pay it forward gift to the People of God. 

     We sense we are being called by the Spirit to use our particular gifts to birth a new way of ‘delivering’ the Word that flows from our own ever-deepening contemplative awareness. Many projects may emerge over time, all integrated and flowing from core Christian foundational themes. Expect creativity, play, joyful flow, freedom, wholeness of being, healing, the arts, teachings, formal and informal gatherings. Yes, our hearts are still burning with passion and zeal!


2. Creating these Books

     The hope is that over the next 4-5 years, we spiritual directors of The Upper Room will gather once a month on Saturday mornings for writing and editing sessions. We hope to create and publish 15 of these small books based on core spiritual teachings that have guided and nurtured our own life journeys.
     When they are ready, one by one, we will move them into publication. Thank you to all our spiritual directors and Future Full of Hope guides. Come to one or all of these editing sessions and assist with these new book publications. Please Note: These meetings will be our EMMAUS ENRICHMENT gatherings for this year!  For more info...


3. Publishing these Books

     In March, 2016, a local publisher of Christian works, John Brooks, 'just happened to come along' and graciously offered to have our books published. He chose Gauvin Press in Gatineau, Quebec as the printer. Thanks to John Brooks of Discern Products we are now proudly sharing these books worldwide on the web and locally through our friends and families distribution.  Check out his new website for more information.  


4. Sharing these Books

     These books can now be purchased for individual study and reflection or used with school, parish or home groups. Upon request, one of our spiritual directors will be happy to accompany you in your study groups or offer retreat days. See our OUTREACH section of this website to participate in programs planned for this coming year.  

     If you wish to FACILITATE your own small group, you may find this guide helpful. Click here to open and print A Guide for Facilitators


5. Purchasing these Books 

     Cost: $5.00 each at The Upper Room. They cost a little more on amazon.ca or amazon.com or amazon.uk.... but remember they ship the books to your home address for free if your order is over $25.00.


6. Books in Circulation

    February 2018
    June 2018

7. Book Reviews on Amazon

The Spirituality of the Paschal Mystery received a “5 stars” review:
By Amazon Customer on March 27, 2017
Format: Paperback  Verified Purchase
stars 5 0. CB192565357  
A unique perspective on transformation--tracing Jesus' Passion/Paschal Mystery in our own spiritual journey toward transformation.God takes our sufferings and transforms us to new purpose and blessing.A helpful little booklet that is loaded with hope and wise counsel. 
Discernment: A Way of Life  received four "reviews on amazon.ca, amazon.com and amazon.uk:

 stars 5 0. CB192565357

ByAlcide DeGagne on July 21 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
This is an excellent spiritual discernment tool.
It is easy to use and debunks the futility of praying "Lord tell me what you want me to do".
stars 5 0. CB192565357
Five Stars
By Michel Boivin on June 11 2016
Format: Kindle Edition  Verified Purchase

Always great info from Rosemary.

 stars 4 0. CB192240704

Four Stars

July 21, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Very comprehensive and forthright presentation of the discernment process.
stars 5 0. CB192565357
Sister Margaret Hartnett  /Verified Purchase  
Discernment: A Way Of Life (Paperback) 

This is an excellent booklet, readable and full of wisdom and insight forged by personal experience. It is addressed to all readers who are serious about discerning in daily life.